Arriving in Cambridge for the first time on a beautiful spring day you can’t help but feel that it hums to a gentle tone. The daffodils and tulips and magnolia trees all laden with colour. But what seized me more than the softness of this old academic city with a greens, church towers and history laden halls, is that my daughter lived her for four years completing her under-graduate degree in International Law.
I wonder where she walked in her korowai brought from New Zealand by her Great Aunt for her graduation. Which path her bare feet trod as she paraded with the other graduates on a sunny day in June. I have the photos. The press in England became aware of her achievement – young woman from New Zealand gains scholarship to Cambridge, graduates in the native dress of her ancestors, the indigenous Maori of New Zealand.

My daughter was followed by a reporter for her day of celebration. Though there’s another story, as there always is, about that day. The layers are complex that weave people together…

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